From seed to full bloom, our roses are cultivated in the farms of South America where a variety of environmental factors such as altitude contribute directly to the beauty and shape of our flowers. First, like any traditional rose, they are carefully cared for, kept under close observation, and plucked when they are absolutely perfect according to Audae & CO.® quality standards. That is just one of many steps taken towards adding the magic of how our Everlasting Roses® withstand time. After gathering only the most qualified roses, they are then transferred to our labs where they are put through an advanced preservation process by a selected team of scientists. Through trial and error, Audae & CO.® has worked endlessly to innovate the optimal formula that bestows our unrivaled roses their color vibrancy, natural texture, and lifespan without the need of water or sunlight --- presenting a truly luxury product. Finally, our Everlasting Roses® are transported to Los Angeles, CA where we can begin to meticulously create your custom floral arrangements and have them delivered globally.